Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack Review

Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack Review

You don't just need any floor jack. Cheaper models can break unexpectedly, and take a long time getting used to before you can fully utilize them. You need a floor jack that will help you fix your vehicle without too much hassle and wasting too much time fighting with the machine before you see any positive results.

That's where the Arcan ALJ3T comes in. It's a great floor jack that keeps the car safely uplifted while the user begins to conduct repair on their ca. It's a step ahead of the competition because of its high-quality features and its responsive design. Keep reading to see how this d is one of the most respected and best-valued floor jacks in the market.

Review: Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack


  • Dual pistols for quick rising action
  • Piston dust shields
  • 3-ton capacity
  • Weighs only 52 pounds
  • Overload valves that prevent too much weight on the jack.
Arcan ALJ3T floor jack



The Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack is a versatile tool that has tons of features that will satisfy your needs. The jack has a capacity rating of 3 tons. 3 Tons is a great weight for mid sized cars, sedans, and luxury vehicles. If you want a high-quality floor jack that's lightweight to use, it's on Amazon at a price about $256.

Like most floor jacks, the Arcan ALJ3T has a rubber saddle that's on top of the lifting arm. This protects the underside of the vehicle from getting damaged. Also, the handle is padded to keep the user's hands protected.

When it comes to the design of the floor jack, it's one of the best in its league. Arcan created this floor jack with a clear and anodized raw aluminum appearance. This gives the jack a sleek, yet industrial appearance while still functioning properly when in use.

You'll also like this floor jack because of its versatile height adjustment. At its lowest point, the Arcan ALJ3T is about 3.6". This is a low enough height to slide under sports cars while keeping them safely suspended in the air.

Man holding Arcan ALJ3 aluminium floor jack


At its highest height, the floor jack is at about 19.4".

This is great for cars with high clearance as it allows you to get under the vehicle and repair them as needed quickly.

Arcan's adjustable height range makes it easy for you to use and helps you reach hard to clean spots on your car.

Don't worry about the contents of your jack getting harmed by any outside contaminants either. Arcan created piston dust shields to prevent the chance of hydraulic contamination from occurring. This keeps your jack in good condition and also protects the car from receiving any long term damage.

However, there is one thing that consumers disliked about this floor jack. Some of them were unable to hold up the correct weight capacity as advertised. But, this problem can be easily fixed and is better if you just plan on getting it replaced.

The Arcan ALJ3T makes cleaning and repairing your car a quick, and safe operation. Since it has protective padding, a safety valve, and two dust resistant pistons, you'll gain a lot of utility using this car jack while remaining safe while doing so.

Buying Advice

Buy this floor jack if you want to see a huge improvement in your automotive projects.

Jack Stands

Jack stands come in two different types. A ratchet lock that has four legs or a pin lock with only three legs. The four leg ratchet lock offers more stability while the pin lock is a lot easier to use and can support heavier vehicles.

Look at your owner's manual to see the recommended jack support areas and locations.

Build Quality

This is a very important factor that you must consider when buying your first-floor jack. In the long term, buying a high-quality floor jack will cost you less than going the economical route. A weaker floor jack will need constant repair, and this will cost you hundreds annually.

To find a jack with a good build quality, check its contents and see how it works when operating car repairs. A good floor jack will be built out of steel and aluminum parts. Cheaper jacks are made out of plastic and not useful for complex projects.

Using an Arcan ALJ3T floor jack


Fortunately, the Arcan ALJ3T is built for durability and utility. It's steel, and aluminum parts make it a powerful tool that's not heavy to carry. You should invest in this device because it's built quality is higher than the competition. It will last for up to 5 years and will require minimal maintenance to keep it in good condition.

Car Types

You need to find out what type of cars you're going to use your floor jack on. You can measure this by finding the ground clearance of the car. Cars with a low ground clearance are best used with a hydraulic floor jack.

Hydraulic floor jacks is a favorite amongst most SUVs, sedans, trucks, and coupes. But if you have a heavier truck or any car with a high ground clearance, a bottle jack is perfect for you. If your objective is to place a jack in your truck for emergencies, then a scissor jack will help you because of its compact size.

If you don't know what type of jack you need, it's best just to get a hydraulic floor jack. They can handle 95% of your projects at home. It has the portability of a scissor jack and the strength of a bottle jack and is great for everyday use.


Overall, the ALJ3T Floor Jack is definitely worth your money. It raises your car up to a comfortable height and is safe because it doesn't allow you to overload its 3-ton capacity. It comes at a modest price and allows you to repair your vehicles effectively and at a faster rate than competing products.

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