Arcan XL2T Floor Jack Review

Arcan XL2T Floor Jack Review

A floor jack is necessary for everyday garage use. Without it, and you'll spend a lot of time trying to fix your car. The Arcan XL2T is a floor jack that helps users work in their garage while spending less time on repairs.

Keep reading to learn more about this floor jack. It's a great investment for all automotive skill levels, and it's sold at an affordable price. If you're in need of a reliable floor jack that can make your repairing jobs easier, continue reading this review to see how it's a great asset to you.

Review: Arcan XL2T


  • Rapid lifting dual pump
  • 2 Ton Weight Capacity
  • Height range: 2.75 to 24 inches
  • 32-inch chassis
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The Arcan XL2T is known for its low profile and easy setup. It's an aluminum floor jack that has a height range of 2.75 to 24 inches. This helps users get under the vehicle faster, while still being supported by the jack and the jack stands. You'll find this on Amazon at a price around $275.

As we stated earlier, its low profile feature is a great advantage for some consumers. It allows them to work on vehicles with low clearance without the vehicle accidentally falling onto them. Get this floor jack if you have to reach low under the vehicle perform effective repairs on your car.

The next thing we noticed is its high-quality steel construction. For instance, its steel based construction allows it to last longer than competing floor jacks that are made out of plastic or aluminum. As a result, you'll have a stronger, more durable floor jack that can be used complex projects.

And, shoppers took a liking to the to the XL2T's quick assembly. Within five minutes, they were able to install their floor jack into a functional working condition. Due to its robust cover, it can withstand damage and remain solid no matter what punishment you give the device.

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Arcan designed this floor jack to have a blend of compact usage and a sturdy appearance. It weighs less than 68 pounds, which is lighter than most steel based floor jacks. Buying this floor jack will ensure that you can move it around easily while also lasting for at least 4 years without needing a repair.

Bolts and screws can be an annoyance to some users. However, with the Arcan XL2T, it comes with a breaker bar. The breaker bar allows users to remove and tighten bolts with an adapter. This ensures that you can work on your floor jack without receiving too much vibration due to loose screws and bolts.

However, consumers have one issue with this device. Some reported problems with the jack not being able to support the weight of their vehicle. If this happens, we suggest that you receive a replacement so that your jack can continue to work properly.

To summarize, the Arcan XL2T is one of the best low profile floor jacks in the market. It has a strong steel construction which helps it last longer than competing devices. If you're a serious automotive aficionado that needs a reliable floor jack, then the Arcan XL2T is the perfect choice for you.

Buying Advice

For users who are still stuck on what to buy, this section was made for you. Remember, if you want the best floor jack, you'll have to understand the specific features each of them have. Knowing this helps you make a better purchasing decision. See the specs of each jack to ensure that it works correctly the first time you use it.

Overall Design

Your next floor jack should be able to work on low profile and standard profile cars. Low profile jacks require you to be under the vehicle and are great for vehicles such as sports car models. For high profile jacks, get a hydraulic floor jack with over 3 tons of support.

What Floor Jack Type Has The Highest Ton Weight Capacity?

Without a doubt, an adjustable floor jack provides the strongest weight support in its type. They make the use of hydraulics to lift up heavier vehicles such as trucks and cars. When in use, the jack stays flat on the ground to receive the most energy.

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The most common jacks you can purchase come with a 2 ton to 3-ton weight capacity. However, you can buy higher quality jacks which have a capacity of up to 20 tons. Most jacks of that nature are used by professionals for industrial sized projects.

Floor jacks are used mainly for tire repairs and other repairs placed below the vehicle. You'll want a hydraulic floor jack if you plan on doing simple car work in your garage. They are cheaper and are designed to work effectively on any automotive vehicle.

Construction Material

Floor jacks consist of either steel or aluminum. If you're looking for a durable floor jack, then steel is the best option for long term usage. Aluminum floor jacks are more portable and tend to be more flexible than steel floor jacks.

Lifting Speed

A standard floor jack will take 8 to 10 strokes to lift the vehicle to the desired height fully. If you want to reach the height in 3-6 strokes, opt for a floor jack with a fast lifting system or dual lifting pistons.

Lift Range

Another factor to consider is your floor jack's lifting range. Each floor jack model has a minimum lifting range and height. You should find out how high you want to lift the vehicle and make the correct choice.

Final Thoughts

Invest in a quality floor jack to prevent being unprepared during an automotive emergency. The Arcan XL2T is a useful tool that allows users to fix their cars in an efficient and fast manner. With its dual pistons, it makes it easier to lift the jack without exerting too much energy.

Purchase this floor jack if you want a device that will operate correctly each time it's in use.

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