Floor Jacks The Ultimate Buying Guide

Floor Jacks: The Ultimate Buying Guide

It doesn't matter what skill level you are; everyone must have a floor jack in their garage. It helps in emergencies and makes replacing a tire a 20-minute effort. Without one, and you can expect to pay mechanics hundreds of dollars annually on repairs that you can do at home.

Using a floor jack

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That's why a floor is an essential tool that you need to have. We'll talk on the best floor jacks that you can get mailed to your door today. Pay attention to each of the products and make a choice on which one best suits your personal preferences and your automotive goals.

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Why Should You Choose Your Floor Jack Carefully

Let's be honest; good floor jacks can be expensive. Some of the best floor jacks will cost around $200 or more. While you can go the economical route, you're putting yourself at a huge disservice. Cheaper floor jacks tend to break more often and will make it harder for you to fix your car to how you want it.

To save you money on repairs, in the long run, you need to read this guide carefully. Once shopping, check to see the floor jack that works the best for you. If it's not safe, durable, and provides high-quality performance, you should look for another floor jack that works better.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Floor Jack

If you are buying your first floor jack, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

Car Type

If this is your first-floor jack, it's best to buy one that matches your car's type.

On average, you'll need a 2 ton or a 3-ton weight capacity for your average car.

Larger vehicles such as trucks and commercial sized vans will need at least a 3.5 to a 4-ton capacity to work correctly.

Floor jack in use

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Once you've determined the type and weight of your car, you're ready to make a sound purchase. Make sure that your floor jack can lift up at least a third of your car's full weight for it to be operated without causing any harm to the user or to the vehicle itself.

Car Weight And Floor Jack Capacity

As we've stated earlier, your car weight and your jack's weight capacity is directly correlated. For simplicity, we've created a table to help you find the correct floor jack in relation to the weight and size of your car:

Floor Jack Capacity

Car's Weight

2 Ton Floor Jack

Used for small vehicles that are only 2,000lbs and need 1,000lbs of support

3 Ton Floor Jack

Mid ranged vehicles and luxury cars that must have 1,5000 lbs to keep it holding properly.

4 Ton Floor Jack

Trucks and high clearance vehicles who need a range of 3,000-4,000lbs of weight support


If this is your first time getting a floor jack, aluminum is a great option.


Aluminium is cheaper than steel, and its materials make it more lightweight and easier to transport. This means that you'll have a more portable floor jack which can be used to fix multiple cars in one-time frame.


For the experienced car aficionado, steel floor jacks are the way to go. While they are bulkier than aluminum jacks, they make up for it with it reinforced stability and overall support.

A couple of car floor jacks in use

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For emergencies, steel floor jacks are the better option, and you should get one to maximize your efficiency when working on your cars.


The best floor jacks are ones that can be easily adjusted. This means that your next floor jack must have a height that can be adjusted for the profile of your vehicle. The low profile vehicles need to have a height adjustment within a range of 3-5 inches.

For larger vehicles with a higher profile, a height of 12-24" is perfect for the job. It will keep you safely under the vehicle and lock it in place once you're working on it. No matter which floor jack you buy, its height adjustment must be versatile to fit the widest range of cars and work best for you.


Craftsman floor jack in use

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In regards to the base, your floor jack can have a wide or short floor base.

We suggest that you pay extra for wider bases because shorter bases take longer for the user fully pump the jack.

Wide base floor jacks give your more utility because you have more space and are more efficient at getting your projects completed in an acceptable time span.


The quality of your floor jack does depend on the materials its handles are made out of. For the best grip, rubber handles are a must. Rubber handles allow you to pump the jack safely. If side handles are present, they will help you move your jack as needed.


As we've stated earlier, aluminum floor jacks are perfect for portable usage. They usually come with steel wheels that can swivel towards the user's desired position. Look for a floor jack with 360° wheels to give you the mobility needed to move through your garage quickly.

Safety Features

  • Jack Stands – You never want to assume that your floor jack can support the full weight of your car. If possible, we suggest that you invest in a pair of jack stands to help hold this weight. Once you've raised your car with the initial jack, use the jack stands to keep it safely supported in the desired height range.
  • Safety Lock – Safety locks help keep the car in the air once it's been lifted. Get a floor jack with this feature to ensure that your car remains propped up and prevents it from accidentally falling on the user.
  • Safety Valve – Lastly, the safety valve stops you from placing unnecessary weight on the jack. Once the weight has been surpassed, the valve then releases and allows oil to return to the tank.

Best 3 Ton Floor Jack

Here are our top 3 ton floor jack recommendations.

Winner: Powerzone 380044

Technical Specs

  • Rear wheels for easy positioning
  • 3 Ton Weight Capacity
  • Rubber saddle for added protection
  • Steel/Aluminum Construction
Powerzone 380044 floor jack on a white background

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Our Rating


Starting off our review is the Powerzone 380044. It's constructed out of a hybrid of steel and aluminum. The steel is on the lift arm, which adds extra durability and strength. It's recommended by shoppers because it's easy to maneuver around in your shop. This jack is sold on Amazon at a price about $154.

One thing that makes the Powerzone 380044 stand out is its quick lifting hydraulic system. Cheaper products tend to require extra oil to work and take a long time to be used. But, with the Powerzone 380044, it lifts up cars to its maximum height after about six pumps.

And, the floor jack has a safety valve. When the maximum amount of weight is placed on the jack, it begins to decompress and work at a lower weight. For safety, we suggest that you don't add too much weight on the floor jack to protect yourself from injuries.

Powerzone 380044 floor jack in use

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Consumers liked Powezone's lightweight size. It's known as one of the only 3-ton floor jack that weighs less than 65 pounds. This is due to the aluminum base, which lessens the weight of the jack due to its fairly light material. If you want a lightweight, yet effective jack, then the Powerzone 380044 is great for you.

The front and back wheels are known for their added mobility. They are caster wheels that can turn to a 360° without fail. This allows you to have a full range of motion control over the device. You'll like this floor jack if you need something that can move towards your desired direction and its light to carry.

But, there have been widespread complaints about the low durability. For example, users were unable to use the jack after two years. To increase this lifespan, make sure to properly oil the jack and keep it clean after you're done using it.

The Powerzone 380044 is the best aluminum floor jack that money can buy. It has enough versatility and features to keep you satisfied. Also, users like the enhanced protection that comes from the safety valve. This floor jack should be purchased if you need one in your garage and you don't know what floor jack to buy.

Runner Up: Arcan ALJ3T

Technical Specs

  • Fast action dual pump pistons "3.6" to "19.4."
  • Lift for added control and strength
  • 3 Ton Capacity
  • Weighs only 56 pounds
  • Chasis torsion control
Arcan ALJ3T floor jack

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Our Rating


Ranked second is the Arcan ALJ3T floor jack. It has a reputation as one of the best floor jack for home use. This is because it has a lightweight size of 56 pounds, which is rare for 3-ton floor jacks. If you want this floor jack, you'll find it on Amazon at a price around $256.

The adjustable lift height is one of this car jack's main features. It has a 3 ¾ minimum lift height which comes in handy when working under low profile vehicles. This makes it easier for you to fix your cars while operating it at a safe height. Thus, making the Arcan ALJ3T a versatile floor jack that's good for first-time users.

Next, the floor jack has a quick lock feature. When using the jack, the lock allows you to keep it at a position or height that's required. This helps you continue to work on your car without having it accidentally lose its position. For consumers who want stability, this is a great car jack for that.

Hydraulic contaminations occur when there are too many contaminants such as dust particles, bacteria, rust, etc. that gets onto your floor jack. However, the Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack has dual pistons that work as a shield against those contaminants. Making your floor jack last even longer than the competition due to its protective features.

Man holding Arcan ALJ3 aluminium floor jack

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We also like the Arcan ALJ3T's versatility when it comes to vehicle usage. This means that the jack operates well on trucks and mid sized cars. If you want a high-quality floor jack that's able to get the job done, then you should invest in this device.

Arcan created this feature to place themselves ahead of the competition. Plus, it has reinforced arm strength which makes it easier to lift up your car. It takes only 12 pumps to reach its maximum height, which is great for garage workers who need a floor jack that can lift their car up quickly.

However, you need to watch out for one small disadvantage. On some occasions, shoppers found it hard for this floor jack to hold a load. Rest assured, you're backed by Arcan's 1 Year Limited Warranty, so you have enough time to get a replacement.

Still, we believe that the Arcan ALJ3T is the best floor jack for home use. It's not too heavy and has a safety valve if your jack comes across an excessive amount of weight. This is a floor jack that you should buy because of its overall utility.

Alternative: NOS NSJ0301 Car Jack

Technical Specs

  • 3.75 to 18,125-inch height range
  • Rubber Saddle Pad
  • Foam bumper handle that prevents collision damage
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Side handle for carrying
NOS NSJ0301 floor jack on a white background

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Our Rating


The NOS NSJ0301 comes in a sleek and functional design. It has an aluminum construction which is strong enough to lift medium sized cars while also being easy to maneuver around your work station. You can find this on Amazon at a price around $376.

Since it's a 3-ton jack, it gives it enough strength for almost every casual vehicle. It gives you the power to lift up SUVs, sedans, coupes, small trucks, and other cars due to its 6,000 lbs of weight support. Get the NOS NSJ0301 Car Jack if you want a car jack that is strong enough to lift your car with no hassle.

The best floor jacks are the ones you can easily carry around. NOS created this floor jack to have side handles for that very reason. The side handles helps users when it comes to storing and moving the jack to their desired area. It makes the device more safe to use in crowded work areas and garages.

NOS NSJ0301 floor jack on a white background

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Shoppers like this floor jack because of its low profile height adjustment. For instance, it's lowest lifting height is at 3.75 inches. At its maximum, the lift height is at 14.75 inches. This makes the floor jack perfect for those who need to get under their vehicles whiles remaining safe when doing so.

Control is the first thing car jack owners look for when seeking a valuable floor jack. The NOS NSJ0301 has a universal joint release mechanism that allows you to adjust the settings of the jack to your liking. You'll find this floor jack great for conducting simple and complex operations on your car at a faster rate than competing products.

If you like a car jack that has a very good build construction for its size. It's only 56 pounds, which is great for its strong aluminum exterior. For users who want a floor jack that's made to withstand damage and is lightweight, the NOS NSJ0301 the best option in today's market.

One flaw that consumers pointed out was its lack of usefulness during an emergency. Some consumers were unable to perform roadside assistance with the vehicle due to its slow lifting speed. We suggest that you only use this device in the garage where it can work at a normal and slow pace.

Despite its minor infraction, the NOS NSJ0301 is the best value floor jack within this list. It has enough speed and power to pick up 3 tons of car weight while still being mobile enough to be transported safely. Purchase this device if you want a floor jack that will remain in your garage for more than 5 years.

Best Low Profile Floor Jack

Check our top low profile floor jack recommendation.

Winner: Arcan XL2T

Technical Specs

  • 32 Inch chassis
  • Rapid lifting dual pump
  • Joint release mechanism
  • Height Range: 3 inches to 24 inches.
Arcan XL2T floor jack on a white background

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Our Rating


The Arcan XL2T is the best car floor jack for users needing a jack that can reach very low extremes. It can go below 2.75 inches making it easy to conduct car repair and clean tough to reach spots on your vehicle. You can get this device on Amazon at a price about $275.

The first thing we've noticed is its front axle that's welded into place. And it comes with an asymmetric lift arm that works as a flanged box section. The floor jack comes with a 3/16" steel plate that is crafted and welded in thick material. As a result, these features increase the efficiency of the floor jack and is another reason why you should look into this floor jack.

Shoppers praised the U-Joint connection that's on the handle. This allows for users to lower their vehicles if a safe and effective way. On lower quality devices, it feels hard to lower and clunky to use in comparison to the Arcan XL2T. Thus, it's a great floor jack because of its good ergonomic use.

Arcan XL2T floor jack in use

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We've noticed the device's quick lifting system. For instance, it has a dual pump system that allows the users to place their car at the desired height within 10 pumps. Also, this makes it easier for you to lift up the vehicle without it feeling too hard on the hands or hard to pump the jack to the required height.

You'll love this floor jack because of its longer length than other floor jacks. The floor jack is over 15 inches wide and 3 feet long. This helps the user easily support their car and helps them complete their projects within an optimal time frame.

Also, the jack is better than the competition because of its wide base. Also, it weighs at around 97 lbs, giving you the sturdy and durable floor jack that you need. If maintained frequently and properly, the floor jack can last for around 7 years without malfunctioning.

There is one thing that you'll need to look out for in a device. Consumers disliked the pivot cup that becomes ungreased over time. When this happens, you'll have to remove it and have the base completely lubricated before using it again.

Overall, the Arcan XL2T is the best floor jack to buy if you need something that's effective at working on in a low profile. With its 3 inches of minimum coverage, you won't have any problems getting your car back to good condition. Buy this device if you want a floor jack that will work to your expectations.

Best Heavy Duty Floor Jack

And the best heavy duty floor jack is...

Winner: Powerbuilt 620422E Floor Jack

Technical Specs

  • 4,000 pounds lifting capacity
  • Safe Locking Bar
  • Removable lift
  • Padded lift rails
  • Triple Lift system for different types of vehicles
Powerbuilt 620422 floor jack on a white background

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Our Rating


Last on our list is the Powerbuilt 620422E Floor Jack. It's the best floor jack under 200 because of its versatility and some noteworthy features such as its padded lift rails. The lift rails are placed at the end of the jack and helps lift the car without obstructing any parts. It's found on Amazon at a price around $112.

You don't have to worry about switching your jacks out for different vehicles. The Powerbuilt 620422E helps you save money, and the hassle of storing, maintaining and purchasing extra floor jacks and jack stands. It's an all purpose floor jack that works on vehicle differentials and transmissions.

One feature that sets this floor jack apart is the Triple Lift feature. This gives you enough versatility to lift up motorcycles, trucks, and other unique vehicles without harming the jack. It's 15 inches wide and 12 inches long making it a great floor jack for garage and professional usage.

Powerbuilt 620422E floor jack in use

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Consumers liked the lifting capacity of the device. It can lift up to 4,000 pounds of weight and is used for transmission replacement, and can lift multiple vehicles without showing gaps in quality. Because of this, you'll gain a lot of leverage with this jack and can use it for about 90{a7e76f0ee9db5e3c296c973dd08943f1fc7b07d5533470ec8d9b103f8ba6112d} of your automotive projects.

We also notice the safety lock that helps keeps the floor jack in place. This helps by locking the jack tightly when supporting a load. Powerbuilt designed this to help basic automotive workers fix their car faster and with less hassle like other products.

This Floor Jack comes with a patented design that helps users remove the lift saddle with no problem. And the padded lift rails help the jack withstand any damage when there too much weight is applied. You'll like this floor jack if you want something that's easy to lift and is great for everyday operations.

People don't like the bulky size of the floor jack. The Powerbuilt 620422E weighs in at about 85 pounds. While it's large size does give it added strength, shoppers found it harder to move around than more portable models. Keep this floor jack in your garage if you want to get the most out of it.

The Powerbuilt 620422E is one of the best hydraulic floor jack that's available. Its Triple Lift feature helps it when working on all sorts of vehicles. And its steel and sturdy construction ensures that it won't break during your first few years of usage. Have this floor jack in your garage today if you want to a more effective floor jack for each of your daily projects.

The Verdict

We believe that the Arcan ALJ3T is the best floor jack for the money. It's the best on this list because of its long lasting capabilities and its dual pistons to protect it from damage. This floor jack is worth your investment because it ensures that you'll clean your cars effectively and remain safe when conducting complex repairs.

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