Powerbuilt 620422E Floor Jack Review

Powerbuilt 620422E Floor Jack Review

Whether you're a weekend mechanic that likes to spend free time in the garage fixing your 1982 project car or a serious mechanic who needs to stay safe when crawling under vehicles, having a solid and functional floor jack makes the repair process safer and easier to complete.

The Powerbuilt 620422E is the best floor jack for your basic automotive needs. There's no car, truck, or motorcycle that this lift can't support. Our goal is to help you understand how the Powerbuilt 620422E is worth your money and why you should purchase it today.

Review: Powerbuilt 620422E Floor Jack


  • High Durability
  • Lifting Capacity of 4,000
  • Triple Lift Flexible Design
  • Padded Lift Rails
  • Removable rails for multi-use applications
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The Powerbuilt 620422E Triple Lift Floor Jack is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you'll find. It has over 4,000 lbs of strength and can be used to lift various vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks, cars, trailers, and ATVs. It's found on Amazon at a price about $114.

Some floor jacks require you to have jack stands when operating a vehicle. Fortunately, the Powerbuilt 620422E locks in a raised position due to its safety bar. The safety bar prevents the vehicle from dropping down on you and is useful for preventing long term injury.

Its expansive lift range is another reason why consumers like this floor jack. Its range of support goes from 5.5" to 17.5". This lift range helps users work on low clearance vehicles while giving them enough height advantage to repair cars within a manner of minutes safely.

To complement the Powerbuilt 620422E's power, it has a durable frame that protects it from long term damage. The frame has been made in a unique patented design. It includes a lift saddle and paddle lift rails which protect it from shocks and collisions. Get this floor jack if you want the highest level of security when fixing your vehicle.

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Plus, the lift rails are easily removed. This gives users a huge advantage because they can work on different projects. Simply remove the lift rail and use it for another vehicle as desired. This feature enhances the versatility of this floor jack and makes it easier to work on multiple applications at once.

The metal wheels make it easier for the user to move the jack around freely. Mechanics like this feature because it allows them to fix multiple cars faster and delivers more professional results. You'll like this floor jack if you need something that's portable and will last for a long time.

Consumers across the board disliked the rare safety issues associated with this device. For example, the jack has a slow leak and lowers towards the ground in a manner of 6 hours. If this happens, feel free to get a reimbursement.

If you want to see a serious improvement in the quality of your cars, you should get the Powerbuilt 620422E. It supports nearly every car and truck model, giving you easy access to the vehicle's underside for quick maintenance. Buy this floor jack if you want your cars to be repaired in the safest way possible.

Buying Advice

Buying your first floor jack? These are things you need to consider.

Floor Jack Quality

Another aspect to consider is the quality of your floor jack. You need to check the quality of the material that's been used in making the jack. If you buy a low-quality floor jack, chances are you'll have to replace it after using it for a while.

To make matters worse, cheap floor jacks can break down unexpectedly. This results in severe damage to the user and damages the car. Most of the time floor jacks are made of heavy steel or aluminum. Hydraulic floor jacks are made of aluminum, and this makes them last longer than competing jacks.

Car Weight & Weight Capacity

Every floor jack has a maximum weight that it can hold and lift. You need to be clear on the jack's weight before making a purchase. 2-ton and 3-ton jacks are the most used. They are ideal for small and mid sized cars.

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You have to check your floor jack's maximum weight rating. This saves you from overloading the jack and causing potential harm to yourself. If possible, look for a safety valve that protects you from this issue. The safety valve will release and prevent the jack from having too much weight onto itself.

Vehicle Type

You need to know what car you'll plan on using before getting a floor jack. Cars come in all shapes and sizes and is an important aspect of buying a 3-ton floor jack. The main reason why you need to know your car type is because of ground clearance.

Ground clearance stands for the how far the jack is from the ground. Plan on getting an aluminum powered floor jack if you tend to work on low profile cars. For higher profile cars the bottle jack is effective because it has a high resting position. But, there are a few hydraulic floor jack models that have a height extender, thus making them perfect for larger cars.

Jack Stands Or Lifting Bars?

In our opinion, you should have both. Jack stands give you extra protection when lifting up vehicles. Each of the stands is placed on opposite sides and will give you more support when cleaning it. Because of this, jack stands are the main way to keep your car from falling on you once the car becomes lifted in the air.

Safety bars are another important think to look for in a floor jack. If the jack stands, the bar will allow you to get from under the vehicle in the event of an emergency. No matter what piece of vehicle protection you buy, rest assured that you won't become injured during car repair process.

Closing Remarks

To conclude, the Powerbuilt 620422E is one of the most reliable and versatile floor racks in the market. Due to its adjusted height, there's no car model that this jack can't support. And it's tough aluminum exterior comes in handy when you need to transport the jack around multiple work areas.

Ultimately, buy the Powerbuilt 620422E today.

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