Powerzone 380044 Floor Jack Review

Powerzone 380044 Floor Jack Review

You need a car jack. There are situations where your tire will need to be replaced, or you'll have to clean out the interior wires of the vehicle. Having a good floor jack makes this process easier, and you'll be able to keep your car working in great condition.

You should buy the Powerzone 380044. It's a floor jack that beats its competition because of its durability, versatility, and its reliable safety features such as its safety lock and a safety valve. This review will teach you more on this floor jack's abilities and why you should have it in your garage.

Review: Powerzone 380044 Floor Jack

Technical Specs

  • 3 Ton Floor Jack
  • Lightweight Aluminum
  • Rubber saddle for frame protection
  • Fast Hydraulic Lifting System
  • Durable steel lift arm
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Product Description

Designed with the user’s needs in mind, the Powerzone 380044 comes with a lot of satisfactory features. For instance, it has a light weight aluminum cover, which makes it easier for you to carry it around your workstation. You can find this floor jack on Amazon at a price around $154.

The first thing you'll notice is that it's a 3-ton floor jack. This gives it enough versatility to work on small vehicles up to mid sized cars such as SUVs. It has over 6,000 pounds of support to ensure that you'll remain safe when using this device.

We also noticed the saddle that comes with the device. The saddle is made of tough padding making it easier to prevent any harm or damage to your vehicle. Then you will find a two piece handle that can pump the jack into its maximum height in about 12 pumps.

Consumers liked the mobility that the Powerzone 380044 provides. For instance, it has steel casted wheels that have a 360° range of motion. Because of this, users were able to move the jack around in their workshops safely and effectively.

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Like many high-end floor jacks, the Powerzone 380044 comes with a safety valve. This protects you and your vehicle by preventing it from overloading. You'll want this floor jack as it will save you from getting injured and stop the vehicle from falling over. We recommend using the jack within a range of 1.0 – 28 tons for the best results.

The maximum lift height is 18.25 inches. This might be a little lower for professional auto mechanics, but for this will be enough height for your average everyday car repair. This gives you enough height to operate on your car while remaining safe while under the vehicle.

However, there is one thing that consumers didn't like about this device. Some consumers noticed the failure of the bolt when using the jack. If this occurs to you, don't hesitate to call the company for a full refund.

Despite its small difficulties, it's one of the best-rated floor jacks in the market. It has enough capacity to support SUVs and mid sized cars with no issue. Get this if you want to obtain a floor jack that can handle a versatile range of projects and complete them at a professional level.

Buying Advice

Searching for your first floor jack? Read on!

Aluminum Vs. Steel?

This is a common question that consumers tend to ask when searching for their first-floor jack. If you're looking for portability, you should opt for an aluminum jack. These are cheaper than steel jacks, but make up for it by being very mobile and easy to transport around your work station.

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But if you need a more durable floor jack, you can't go wrong with a steel jack. Floor jacks that are constructed by steel have a longer lifespan than aluminum and can withstand a lot more damage than them as well. We suggest having both floor jacks to increase your efficiency throughout your car repair.

Luckily, the Powerzone 380044 is hybrid of both steel and aluminum. This ensures that you'll have a safe and sturdy jack while also being able to enjoy its full range of motion. You'll be able to move it around easier and still be able to keep the device safe from any damage.

Car Weight

One thing you should consider when getting your first-floor jack is its strength in comparison to your car's weight. You have to make sure that your jack's maximum weight exceeds the weight that you're planning to lift with. This ensures that it will lift up safely without any issues.

It's also good to remember that your car can't support 100% of your car's weight. The worst part is where you have to lift the engine which is about 60% supported by the jack.

2 and 3-ton floor jacks are the most popular choices for daily use. As a rule of thumb, you should use a 2-ton jack for small cars and economy mid sized vehicles.

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For luxury vehicles, SUVs, trucks and vans, you should invest in a floor jack with a 3-ton floor capacity. But if you have larger vehicles that are commercial sized or heavy cars, you'll have to get a 3.5 or a 4-ton floor jack to support them.

Hydraulic Or Bottle Jacks?

If you have a large vehicle or you need a floor jack for emergencies, a bottle jack is your best option. It has more of a height advantage in comparison to hydraulic jacks. However, bottle jacks are known to be less durable than hydraulic jacks.

For about 90% of your car issues and repair projects, a hydraulic floor jack will do the job. You should only use bottle jacks for emergency purposes as they require a lot of space to be utilized effectively. With hydraulic floor jacks, you can quickly and safely lift your car faster than you would with a bottle jack.

Closing Thoughts

To conclude, we believe that the Powerzone 380044 Floor Jack is one of the best floor jacks that you'll find. It doesn't break when coming into contact with larger vehicles. Plus, it has a safety valve and safe steel cast wheels that you can around freely in your work place.

Buy the Powerzone 380044 today if you want to see a change in your vehicle's appearance. If you have any questions on experiences using this device, please share a comment below.

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